Testicular Biopsy Clinic

Testicular biopsy is a procedure that allows spermatozoa to be obtained from the testicle for use in an assisted reproduction technique.


  1. It is an outpatient surgical procedure, usually performed under local anaesthesia. An incision is made in the layers of tissue surrounding the testicle and a small piece of testicular tissue is removed.
  2. This tissue fragment is immediately taken to the laboratory where it will be determined whether useful sperm are present.
    If there are, the sample taken from the testicular biopsy can be used fresh, by performing ICSI on the same day of the procedure, or frozen for use in future reproductive treatment.
  3. If the sample is frozen, the sperm are mixed with cryoprotective medium, which protects them from damage during freezing, and gradually cooled to -196 °C. This sample is stored in liquid nitrogen until use.
biopsia testicular


  • Males who have an altered testicular ability to produce sperm.
  • Males who have an altered transport from the testicle to the outside of the testicle.
  • Very severe male factor.
  • Men with vasectomy.

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