Sperm DNA Fragmentation Clinic

Sperm DNA fragmentation is one of the causes of infertility and refers to breaks that directly affect the genetic material of spermatozoa.

During the production of spermatozoa in the testicle and on the way to the outside, sperm can suffer DNA damage. Future embryonic development depends to a large extent on the integrity of the DNA. Therefore, this damage to sperm DNA has an impact on fertility.

If the rate of sperm DNA fragmentation is very high, it could hinder pregnancy, even if the external appearance of the spermatozoa and the analysis of the semen sample is normal.

In our centre we use the CometFertility™ fragmentation diagnosis technique. It allows us to distinguish the two types of sperm DNA breaks: single and double stranded. This gives us more information and a more reliable diagnosis of the quality of the sample analysed.

fragmentación de ADN espermático


  • Environmental (pollution) and occupational factors.
  • Toxic habits: smoking, drugs, sedentary lifestyle or diet, which increase excessive production of oxidation in the ejaculate.
  • Advanced paternal age.
  • Anatomical alterations such as varicocele.
  • Fever or certain medications.


  • Absence of pregnancy.
  • Implantation failures with good quality embryos.
  • Low fertilisation rate or poor quality or non-evolving embryos.
  • Repeated miscarriages of unknown cause.
  • Genitourinary infections.

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