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It is becoming increasingly common for women couples to go to an assisted reproduction centre to satisfy their desire to become mothers.

Under the name ROPA Method (Reception of Oocytes from Partner), also known as Shared Parenthood, allows both women to actively participate in the process. It is an In Vitro Fertilisation treatment, in which one woman provides the egg and the other receives the embryo in the transfer.

In this way, the genetic mother, who provides the egg, will be the one who undergoes ovarian stimulation and follicular puncture, and the other, the gestating mother, will be the one who undergoes the embryo transfer, and will gestate the child of both.

In order to be able to perform the ROPA Method, women must be legally married before starting the treatment.



The treatment carried out in the ROPA Method is an In Vitro Fertilisation in which the egg is fertilised in the laboratory, always with sperm from a donor compatible with the family members.

Subsequently, after 2, 3 or 5 days of evolution, the resulting embryo or embryos are transferred to the other woman, who has previously prepared her uterus with specific medication, so that it can continue its evolution.

Approximately 14 days later, a blood pregnancy test will be carried out.

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Do you have questions about the ROPA Method?

Because gamete donation is anonymous in Spain. In the ROPA method, a non-anonymous donation is being made by a woman to her partner, comparable to the donation made by a heterosexual couple. You need to be married to be able to register your child in the Civil Registry as a legitimate child of both of you.

Yes, you can choose. Our medical team will recommend the donor mother based on age, follicular reserve and the clinical characteristics of both of you. Always choosing the option that has the best chance of achieving a pregnancy.

Gamete donation in Spain is anonymous. For this reason it will be our team who will select the donor who will always be compatible in blood group and physical characteristics of both. The donor sperm will come from an authorised sperm bank.

The ROPA Method is a treatment with a pregnancy rate of around 60-65%, as the egg comes from a woman with no infertility-related pathologies. It is an advantage to be able to choose the most suitable egg to carry out this procedure.

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