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Sperm freezing is a technique for the preservation of male fertility in order to be able to use it in the future in assisted reproduction treatment.

It consists of preserving one or more semen samples in liquid nitrogen. It can be stored indefinitely, maintaining its fertilising capacity for years.


The patient who wishes to preserve his fertility will collect the semen sample and deliver it to the andrology laboratory, where it will be analysed and processed.

It is treated with cryoprotectants to protect the spermatozoa and the temperature is gradually lowered to -196 °C.

Sperm motility may decrease by 10-50% and, depending on the quality of the sample, it may be necessary to freeze several sperm samples.

clinica preservación de la fertilidad masculina
preservación de la fertilidad masculina


  • Illnesses and/or treatments that may affect fertility such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or some surgeries.
  • Men who want to freeze the sample before a vasectomy.
  • Progressive deterioration of the quality of the semen sample.
  • Difficulty in collecting the sample for assisted reproduction treatment (due to not being able to attend on the day of the follicular puncture or for psychological reasons).

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Updated serology is necessary to rule out infectious diseases before freezing the sample. Semen concentration, motility and morphology values should also be analysed, as the survival of the sample will depend on this.

There is no time limit for freezing, as time has no influence on the quality of thawing.

Semen samples should be frozen before starting chemo- or radiotherapy treatment. Cryopreservation of semen does not require any medication, so it can be frozen at the time of diagnosis.

The first option is always to use fresh semen on the day of artificial insemination or follicular puncture in in vitro fertilisation treatments. In the event that it is not possible to obtain the semen sample on that day or in the case of testicular biopsies or poor semen quality, the frozen sample should be used.

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