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In addition to using assisted reproduction to obtain a pregnancy in the short term, we can also use this type of technique to preserve the female gametes so that they can be used in the future. This is called Female Fertility Preservation, which is widely used on the basis of the indications described below.


Egg vitrification is an ultra-rapid freezing process in which the eggs are instantly frozen from 23 to -196 °C and stored in liquid nitrogen.


The steps for Female Fertility Preservation are the same as for in vitro fertilisation: stimulation of the ovaries, follicular puncture and aspiration of the eggs, but they are not inseminated and fertilised, but vitrified on the same day.

The eggs can be cryopreserved for as long as the patient wishes.

clínica preservación de la fertilidad femenina
preservación de la fertilidad femenina


  • Women with disorders that pose a risk to ovarian reserve (ovarian failure or early menopause) or who have to undergo surgery that may affect their fertility.
  • Oncological women before chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, whenever it is advisable, in order to maintain the possibility of having children at a later date.
  • Young women who want to delay childbearing.

Do you have questions about Female Fertility Preservation?

Egg quality is affected by age. From the age of 35 onwards, the decline in quality is more pronounced, so it is advisable to freeze eggs before this age. By freezing the eggs before the age of 35, when they are used for in vitro fertilisation treatment, the survival and pregnancy rate will be higher.

Eggs can be frozen for a long time as vitrification is a safe and effective procedure. Cases have been reported of embryos that after being frozen for 25 years have had good survival.

There is currently no legal limit in Spain for assisted reproduction treatment. There is a consensus in limiting the age to 50 years, but it must be ensured that there is no risk in becoming pregnant, as age increases complications during pregnancy.

It is advisable to have around 10 frozen eggs in order to have a better chance of pregnancy in the future. In the case of obtaining a very low number of mature eggs, several processes can be carried out to accumulate and increase the number of eggs to be used in an in vitro fertilisation treatment.

It is advisable to undergo oocyte preservation treatment before starting chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Ovarian stimulation will be performed depending on the type of tumour and in coordination with the oncology team.

The eggs are the property of the patient, the centre only keeps and maintains them. The eggs will remain frozen until you decide to use them in the future or give them a destination authorised by the Spanish law of assisted reproduction.

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