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The Chip Fertile® is an innovative and simple device that we use to select the healthiest spermatozoa (less oxidation and less sperm DNA fragmentation) for ICSI.

This Chip Fertile device is indicated for sperm samples with a high percentage of double-stranded fragmentation, which can lead to higher miscarriage rates or repeated failures in assisted reproduction techniques. To evaluate the fragmentation, the sperm must be previously studied with very sensitive specific techniques that detect both single and double stranded DNA fragmentation.

chip fertile

Fertile Chip Procedure

The Fertile Chip consists of a microfluidic chamber with two wells connected by a channel that mimics the conditions of the female genital tract.

A small fresh sperm sample is placed in the input well of the Chip Fertile and incubated at 37°C for 30 minutes. After this short period of time, the spermatozoa that have reached the exit well by travelling through the entire channel are those that have been individually selected and have low fragmentation rates.

These selected sperm are used for ICSI.

The pregnancy test will be performed about two weeks after the embryo transfer with an evaluation of the beta HCG hormone in the blood.

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