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Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Cádiz

At our Fertility clinic in Cádiz we know that the road to pregnancy is sometimes complicated. Many women  find themselves in a situation that they do not understand. Insecurity, fears, anxiety and, above all, a lot of questions arise. NOVA FIV, our Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Cádiz, works to help you on this journey.

When a spontaneous pregnancy is not achieved, reproductive medicine offers several options. Each case must be studied carefully to identify possible fertility problems and to propose possible alternatives. There are Assisted Reproduction treatments and techniques that can be used to achieve pregnancy. And we, in our fertility clinic in Cádiz, are experts in all of them.

Cádiz Fertility Clinic

We are backed by a team with extensive professional experience and technical equipment specially designed for reproductive medicine. Treatments, techniques and diagnostic tests are a fundamental part of the process. But so are the people, the way we attend and connect with the patient, the way we empathise with you at a time of great concern.

That is why we assure you that we will put all our professionalism and effort into making your dreams come true. And meanwhile, throughout the process, we will also share your emotions.

Call us and make an appointment. We will study your case and advise you.

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Your Trusted Fertility Clinic

At NOVA FIV you will find an Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Cádiz dedicated to offering you the most suitable treatments and techniques to achieve pregnancy.
As a fertility clinic in Cadiz, with experts in reproductive medicine, we cover all the services and complementary services of this speciality.

Assisted Reproductive Services

If you are trying to get pregnant and pregnancy does not come, there are Assisted Reproduction treatments and techniques to achieve it. Each case is unique, which is why our Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Cádiz always offers you a free initial consultation. This way we can study your case and, together, choose the best option for you to get pregnant. In Vitro Fertilisation, Artificial Insemination, Ovodonation, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), ROPA Method.

Fertility Preservation

Maybe it is not the right time to become a mother, but you do not want to give it up in the future, our Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Cádiz offers you the possibility of freezing your eggs. When you wish, these can be used to search for a pregnancy. This technique is also indicated if you have to undergo medical treatment that may affect your fertility (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.). Fertility preservation is also applicable to men through sperm freezing.

Fertility Nutritional Counselling

We offer you our expertise in nutrition and fertility to help you improve your nutritional habits. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential to improve reproductive health. A correct hormonal balance is related to an adequate diet, therefore, taking care of your diet is essential to face an assisted reproduction treatment. We offer an assessment of your case to determine your nutritional needs.

General Gynecology Consultation

With the General Gynecology service we aim to provide comprehensive care for women's health and wellbeing. Our professionals attend to any pathology that affects the female reproductive system. From a routine check-up or a cytology, to breast pathology. We also carry out pregnancy control, both for our assisted reproduction patients and those who become pregnant naturally. We offer Eco20 and Emotional 4D Ultrasound.

Urology and Assisted Reproductive Psychology

Our Urology service helps us to have a more complete evaluation of fertility problems in men. In this way we can study the existence of alterations in the male reproductive system in greater depth and choose the most appropriate treatment. Psychology applied to assisted reproduction is very useful as the treatments can be emotionally stressful. Learning to manage the emotions that arise during the process helps the wellbeing of the mother and the couple.

Do you want to become an egg donor?

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can become an egg donor and help fulfil the dreams of many people. Thanks to this voluntary, anonymous and altruistic act, your eggs can help women whose eggs do not allow pregnancy to become pregnant. The process requires a detailed study beforehand to assess your state of health. If you are interested in egg donation, please contact our Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinic in Cádiz and we will be able to inform you in detail about the process.

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